Maybe the Items He Needed From Lowes Wouldn’t Fit In His Car

Bozo criminal for today comes from Flowood, Mississippi, where a woman took her Ram truck into the local dealership for service. While the truck was supposedly being worked on, the woman happened to notice a truck that looked a lot like hers being driven down a busy street. Maybe they were just taking it for a test drive? Nope. She decided to follow it and was surprised when the driver pulled into Lowe’s, got out and went inside to do some shopping. Yep, one of the dealership employees had decided to “borrow” her truck for a trip to the home center. When he didn’t come back after 20 minutes, the woman took matters into her own hands. She found her spare key in her purse, unlocked the truck and drove away, leaving our bozo stranded with he finally came back out of the store. The general manager of the dealership had no real explanation for why the technician, who has been fired, took the truck out for his shopping trip.