A Real “Pot” Belly

Bozo criminal for today comes from Iowa City, Iowa, where the cops were called to a disturbance at an apartment complex. Upon arrival, they discovered 19-year-old bozo Kyle Cain involved in a heated argument with another man. When he spotted the cops, our bozo attempted to simply walk away from the situation. However, one thing stood out to the officers…he had a very large bulge under his shirt near the waistline. Even as a cop yelled at him, our bozo continued to walk away and down a flight of stairs which unfortunately led to a dead end. Oops. When the cops handcuffed him, a large bag of marijuana fell from under his shirt. Double oops. He then offered up the Bozo Excuse of the Week, saying the pot did not belong to him. Tell it to the judge. He was charged with felony and misdemeanor drug counts.