And No Jokes About Taco Bell, Please

Bozo criminals for today come from the International File in Corsham, England. A little background information, Corsham is an idyllic market town of only about 13,000 people. It’s a safe little place. At least it has been until lately when the town has been terrorized by a couple of bozos acting in tandem. One of the residents even went so far to describe our bozos as “bloody Mexican hooligans.” These two apparently roam the town at will, wreaking havoc wherever they go. After a German Shepherd K-9 officer was terrorized by these rampaging bozos the whole town basically went into lockdown. And as of this date, no progress has been made in making an arrest. Oh, did we forget to mention the “hooligans” that are causing so much trouble… are a couple of chihuahuas. Yep, the little guys are in control. The police chief says he hopes they can be captured soon and life can get back to normal.