But the Biggie Bag Is Only Back For a Limited Time!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Bunnell, Florida, where bozo Jesse Stanger walked into his local Wendy’s and ordered lunch. He asked for the half off discount that is customarily given to law enforcement officers, claiming to be a member of the DEA. When an employee questioned his identity, he said he had been getting the discount there “for two years” and flashed a badge. This caught the attention of a manager who came over to take a look. Our bozo then became hostile and argumentative, prompting an employee to call 911. This should have been our bozo’s cue to leave, but no…He stuck around long enough to show the cops his “Concealed Weapon Permit” badge. Sorry, that doesn’t get you the discount, pal. He’s busted on felony charges of impersonating an officer.