Dammit! Where Did I Leave Those Keys?

  • 1 min read
Bozo criminal for today comes from Culver City, California, where the cops received a report of a robbery in progress at the local Boost Mobile store. When they arrived, employees told them our bozo had entered the store, wearing a hoodie, sweatpants, and a surgical mask and gloves, and threatened them with a gun. He forced them to lie down and he jumped over the counter and grabbed $500 in cash before fleeing on foot. Seems like a clean getaway…except…what’s that over there on the floor? A set of car keys. Yep, he’d lost the keys when he jumped over the counter. Apparently he hadn’t locked his car as the cops found the vehicle nearby and inside they found the hoodie and mask he’d been wearing, along with the gun and his drivers license. Our bozo was found nearby and was placed under arrest. And did we mention he was on parole from another robbery and was wearing an ankle monitor? That’s at least three strikes. Busted!