That Must Have Been One Really Nice Phone

  • 2 mins read

We searched far and wide and couldn’t find any criminal activity in today’s story, other than the fact that our bozo was criminally stupid, so here goes anyway. Our bozo for today comes from Fishtrap Creek campground in Montana. A bit of background first. Apparently at some remote campgrounds in Montana where standard sewers are not available, they use something called a vault toilet. Vault toilets have a tank for holding waste that is usually about five feet deep, so you can imagine they can be pretty nasty. Ok, back to our story. A photo has been circulating recently on Reddit showing our naked bozo literally up to his elbows in a hole in the ground inside a concrete outhouse. Apparently he had dropped his phone into the toilet and he desperately wanted it back. Bad enough that he removed the porcelain throne, stripped naked and climbed in to retrieve it. And did we mention he locked the door behind him? Good idea…unless you get stuck, which he did. He was in deep doo-doo for three hours until someone else finally came along and discovered his plight. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks employees were called, the door was broken down and our bozo was eventually extracted. And that phone? Still missing.