He Could Have Gotten a Real Bang Out of This

  • 1 min read

Sometimes we have to waive the “criminal” qualification from one of our stories that is so totally Bozo that we just can’t pass it up. Such is the case with today’s story from the International File in Toulon, France. Our 88 (yes 88) year-old bozo showed up at the hospital and reported that he had inserted an object up his rectum and couldn’t remove it. No problem, let’s take you into x-ray and take a look. Hold on…that looks like…an artillery shell?! Not taking any chances the hospital was evacuated and incoming patients diverted until the situation could be further assessed. The man told them it was indeed a World War I artillery shell, eight inches long and two inches wide, that he had inserted up his backside for “sexual pleasure.” The man was taken into surgery where the shell was removed without incident. Shell-shocked doctors and bomb disposal experts said that, while it was possible, it was unlikely the shell would have exploded inside the man.