2 5, 1997

  • 1 min read

Today’s bozo criminal comes from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Lots of cold weather and snow in Packerland this winter. And that snow leads to our bozo’s downfall. Police received a call from Bernie’s Barbershop where there was a report of a robbery on Super Bowl Sunday. When police arrived, they saw the front window had been broken out. There wasn’t much to steal in the barbershop except for a new portable color TV, which was missing. Detectives looking in the freshly fallen snow noticed a pair of footprints leading from the broken window, around the back of the shop and directly to an apartment complex nearby. Police followed the footprints up to the door of an apartment and knocked on the door. When the door opened, the police noticed wet footprints on the carpet leading up to a large sofa where our bozo was relaxing, watching the Packers on Bernie’s color TV. Unless they have a TV in the Green Bay jail, he missed the victory celebration.