3 8, 1997

  • 1 min read

The Bozo Criminal for today comes from Nashville, Tn, where Bozo Jonathan Parker thought he had it all figured out. He really wanted the leather jacket at the expensive department store, but of course there was no way he could afford it. So, he thought he’d do what any Bozo would do–steal it! Only problem, the jacket had one of those little magnetic tags, the kind that set off an alarm if you walk out the door with one of them. So, our Bozo goes into the dressing room and peels off the little tag, throws it on the floor and heads out with his stolen jacket. As soon as he gets to the door, the alarm goes off. A security guard who had been keeping an eye on the Bozo anyway, stopped him and retrieved the jacket. So why did the alarm go off? Remember the little tag the Bozo peeled off and threw on the floor? He stepped on it and it stuck to his shoe.