4 7, 1997

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The Bozo Criminal for today comes from Albany, N.Y., where Bozo Michael Murray tried to hold up a convenience store during the huge "April Fools Day Snowstorm" of 1997. In the course of the robbery, the store clerk began struggling with the bozo and the sawed off shotgun the Bozo was carrying went off, shooting the Bozo Michael in the hand. The wounded Bozo ran out of the store and into the snowstorm, heading back to his apartment where he called 911. When the paramedics and the cops arrived, they became a little suspicious when the Bozo told them how he hurt his hand. He said he cut it mowing his lawn. Keeping in mind that the Bozo lived in an apartment and there was a blinding snowstorm going on at the time, the story flopped. He’ll have lots of free time in jail to try to come up with a better story.