5 2, 1997

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The Bozo Criminal for today comes from Los Angeles, California where Bozo Rasheed Walker was arrested for shoplifting. It seems our Bozo shoplifted several items from a Los Angeles department store, including fake gold chains and several other pieces of heavy jewelry. The Bozo, who was wearing the very baggy jeans which are so fashionable today, stuffed the items into the pockets of the jeans and headed for the door. He had barely stepped out the door when a security guard gave chase. And that’s when the Bozo’s problems really began. As he began to run, the combination of the heavy items in his pockets and gravity caused those baggy jeans to begin to slide down. The faster the Rasheed ran, the more the pants slid down until they finally dropped off completely, tangling up the Bozo’s feet and causing him to fall, allowing the security guard to apprehend him. The moral to the story for all Bozo shoplifters–try shoplifting lighter items or wearing tighter pants. ani_c