7 21, 1997

  • 1 min read

Bozo criminal for today, like a lot of us, fell victim to the heat this summer. From Lafayette, Louisiana comes bozo Louis Albright who had the not so bright idea of robbing a branch of the local bank. He had an even less bright idea of a low cost, low fat, completely disposable disguise. He covered his entire head with whipped cream, spraying the stuff all over his head, hair and face. Suitably disguised, the bozo walked right up to the teller and said "put all your money in the sack." Unfortunately, by this time the heat was taking its toll on the bozo’s disguise, causing it to melt and slide down his face and into his eyes. This kept our human hot fudge sundae from noticing as the teller pushed the silent alarm. The bozo was still struggling with his rapidly melting disguise when police arrived.