5 20, 1998

  • 1 min read

The We have a new category for today: Bozo Criminal–hopeless romantic division. Our bozo for today didn’t have criminal intent, but ended up arrested anyway. From Lawrenceville, Georgia comes the story of Bozo Arnold Kaye who had a very special date lined up. He was going to take his girlfriend to the new Robert Redford movie, "The Horse Whisperer." To impress her, our bozo thought it would be romantic to take her to the movie in a horse drawn carriage. So, he got a pony, hitched it up to a carriage, picked up his girlfriend and the two headed to the movies. He parked his carriage in the movie parking lot and went inside with his date to enjoy the flick. When they emerged from the movie, the police were waiting for him. It seems you have to have a license to drive a horse drawn carriage in Lawrenceville. The cops took the pony to the animal shelter and charged our bozo with cruelty to animals and animal abandonment. To make matters worse, his soon to be ex-girlfriend! isn’t speaking to him.