9 2, 1998

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Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Sgt. Bob Tortora of the Golden, Colorado Police Department who passes along this bozo report. It seems a couple of bozos decided to break into the Banks Insurance Company in Golden and proceeded to move out the company’s computer equipment, about $30,000 worth. This was hot and sweaty work so one of the bozos took a break and removed his jacket. While he was resting, his bozo partner decided to make a long distance call to his ex-wife in New Jersey. The bozos then left, thinking they had made a clean getaway. Wrong. Bozo number one was arrested the following day. He had left behind his jacket with his pay stub in the front pocket. Bozo number two’s troubles began a few days later after the company received a phone bill with a call to New Jersey at 2:45 in the morning. Police contacted the ex-wife who co-operated and told them where they could find bozo number two.