11 24, 1998

  • 1 min read

The Bozo News Hawk award for today goes to Sergeant Hardin of the Gregg County Sheriff’s department who passed along today’s story. From Liberty City, Texas comes the story of a bozo who had been hitting convenience stores, going in and grabbing expensive caps and t-shirts and quickly running out, making his getaway in his car. Saturday night the bozo’s luck ran out. He hit a convenience store earlier in the evening, getting away with several nice caps and shirts. He must have liked the store’s selection, because he returned later that same night, looking for more. One of the clerks recognized him as he was exiting his car and was able to quickly lock the door before he could get in. While she was locking the door, the other clerk called 911. The bozo was still shaking the door, cursing the clerk and demanding to be let in when Officer Hardin arrived. He arrested the bozo and recovered about $1000 worth of stolen merchandise from his car.