7 14, 1999

  • 1 min read

We’ve searched all existing laws and can’t find any law that our bozo for today violated. But, there was just no way we could avoid honoring him. From Little Rock, Arkansas comes the story of bozo Joseph Tindell who was taking a look inside a gasoline can at the mobile home where he lived, trying to determine if there was any gas left in the container. The light was not very good in his living room, so our bozo took out his trusty Zippo lighter, lit it and held it over the can to get a better look. As you might have guessed, gasoline and an open flame are not a good combination and before you knew it the fumes ignited. Our bozo compounded the problem by slinging the burning gas can across the room, further spreading the flames. Our bozo and his girlfriend escaped unharmed. The trailer was a total loss.