7 5, 1999

  • 1 min read

A Best of Bozo. From the Archive… Bozo criminal for today comes from Bloomington, Indiana where bozo Reggie Chiles thought he had found the ideal situation for an "expert" safecracker like himself. A small local business that kept several thousand dollars in their safe. Our bozo got into the building and was in the process of opening the safe when he noticed a small blinking red light up near the ceiling. Sure enough, it was a video surveillance camera. Instead of trying to hide his face from the camera, our bozo climbed up on a chair and stuck his face right into the camera as he took a screwdriver to the mounting brackets. He got away with the camera and some cash, but unfortunately for the bozo the recording equipment was in another room and he left behind a tape containing an excellent picture of his ugly bozo mug. He was quicklly recognized by the cops and arrested.