August 18, 1999

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Bozo criminal for today comes from Hagerstown, Maryland where firefighter Andrew Evans was returning home from fighting a blaze when a pickup zoomed up behind him. The driver, bozo Kenneth Ramsey, fired a couple of shotgun blasts at Evans’ truck, hitting his tailgate. Evans pulled his truck over and was immediately confronted by our bozo. "Oops, sorry," the bozo said, "I thought you were someone else." And to show he was serious, our bozo gave Mr. Evans his business card and sped off. A little later, Mr. Evans was giving his story to the highway patrol, when our bozo sped by again, going the other way. The cops caught up with him and sure enough, it was the guy whose name was on the business card. Upon further investigation, the police discovered that our bozo had driven to a liquor store ten miles away and shot the man he was actually looking for in the leg. The bozo was arrested and charged with with drunken driving and assault.