September 24, 1999

  • 1 min read

From Bristol Township, Pennsylvania comes the story of Bozo Joseph Karnes who entered a tavern intent on stealing a purse to get money to buy drugs. He sits down, orders a drink and strikes up a conversation with the drunkest guy in the bar, figuring he won’t remember anything anyway. Soon an opportunity presents itself–a woman and her boyfriend get up to go play pool, leaving her purse behind. The bozo grabs it and makes a quick getaway. Police are called and they interview everyone in the bar without getting any useful information. Then, as a last resort, they decide to talk to the really drunk guy, the one the bozo sat next to. He doesn’t remember much about the bozo either, but he does remember one thing. While sitting at the bar the bozo filled out a Marlboro sweepstakes entry form which he handed to the barmaid. The barmaid then remembers the drunk is right and she finds the bozo’s entry form, which of course contains his name, address and phone number.