December 07, 1999

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Bozo criminal for today is not technically a criminal, but he was arrested and he is most definitely a bozo. From Athens, Tennessee comes the story of bozo Michael Mason who walked into the First American Bank to inquire about opening a checking account. No problem there. It was what our bozo was carrying over his shoulder that got him into trouble. Hanging from a shoulder strap was our bozo’s shotgun, which as you might expect caused a few tense moments in the bank. While our bozo was filling out the checking account application, another bank employee activated the silent alarm and summoned the cops. The police were also called by several businesses in the area who were alarmed when they saw a man with a gun slung over his shoulder walk into a bank. The cops arrived and met our bozo, with his shotgun still slung over his shoulder, at the door. His story was that he was headed to the nearby pawn shop to sell the shotgun and simply forgot he was carrying it. The police remembered to charge him with disorderly conduct.