February 17, 2000

  • 1 min read

Bozo criminal for today comes from Charleston, West Virginia where bozo Lanny Harvey accosted a man coming out of a restaurant and demanded cash. The man told our bozo that he had no money. Not satisfied, the bozo kept waving his gun in the man’s face and demanding cash. Finally, the man asked if he could just write him a check. Thinking he was pretty smart, our bozo agreed, telling the man to make it out to "cash" so he couldn’t be identified. The man gave the bozo the check and told him, since it was so late, that it would probably be better for him to go to the bank with the check in the morning. He went on to tell the bozo that he would call ahead so that the money would be waiting. Just be there at nine o’clock sharp, he told the bozo. Our bozo showed up at the bank at precisely nine o’clock the following morning. The money wasn’t waiting for him but the police were.