July 28, 2000

  • 1 min read

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Greg Denman of Lufkin who sent us today’s report. From Diboll, Texas comes the story of bozo Walter Austin who was stopped by the police for speeding and arrested for having no drivers license and no insurance. Our bozo called a bondsman who came down and filled out the necessary forms to spring him from jail. As he was leaving, our bozo somehow got into a heated argument with the bondsman and started cursing him. The bondsman, having heard enough, tore up the bonds and the bozo was escorted back to his cell. He contacted another bondsman who came down and successfully got him out of jail. The cops watched in amazment as the bozo walked directly to his car, where he climbed into the drivers seat and drove off. Of course the cops pulled him over again. But our bozo still wasn’t through. This time he got into a scuffle with the arresting officer. You can now add resisting arrest to all his other charges.