February 28, 2001

  • 1 min read

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in today’s report. From Huntsville, Texas comes the story of three very bored bozos. Looking out their apartment window, they noticed a large paving and smoothing machine that had been used to resurface the parking lot had been left unguarded overnight. So at 1:45 in the morning a couple of the bozos climbed aboard and took the big machine for a little spin while the third bozo videotaped the whole thing. Of course this caused quite a bit of racket and the neighbors called the cops but by the time the officers arrived they had parked the machine and returned to their apartment. And our bozos might have gotten away with everything except that they left their apartment door wide open and were watching the videotape and laughing and whooping it up as one of the officers happened to pass by.