March 27, 2001

  • 1 min read

Bozo criminal for today comes from St. Louis, Missouri where bozo Candy Collins worked at a convenience store. Fed up with working for minimum wage she decided to strike back by stealing one of the $3 instant lotto tickets from behind the counter. And wouldn’t you know it, she was a $100,000 winner on a stolen ticket. Now instead of putting $3 in the register to pay for it, which the local D.A. says would have been perfectly legal, our bozo rewound the security tape to try to cover up her crime. She sealed her fate when she bragged to a co-worker about her winnings, encouraging her to steal a ticket, too. The honest co-worker told the boss, who told the cops. And as for the money, by law it has to go to someone, so the city is donating it to the school board.