August 29, 2003

  • 1 min read

(Best of Bozo) From the International File in Rothsay, Scotland, comes the story of three bozos who had big plans to rob the local branch of the Bank of Scotland. Their plan went awry early on when they had trouble negotiating the front door. Somehow, the three managed to get stuck in the revolving doors, and they had to be freed by the bank staff. At this point, they sheepishly left the building to regroup. They entered the bank a second time, getting past the doors and going straight to the teller, who recognized them as the dopes who had just gotten stuck in the door. The teller only laughed when they demanded money. To prove he was serious, one of our bozos jumped onto the counter but slipped and fell to the floor, clutching has badly-sprained ankle. Seeing that things were going downhill fast, the other two bozos headed for the door. Yes, that door. And yes, they got stuck in it again. This time, they succeeded in remaining stuck there until the police arrived.