February 3, 2004

  • 1 min read

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Bill Acor for sending in today’s report. From Clayton, Missouri comes the story of a bozo who was caught on surveillance camera breaking into a liquor store. And what the camera caught was better than anything on Candid Camera. Our bozo came in through a window and then began gathering up liquor, a magazine and some cigarettes, all of which he placed into a bag. He then headed for the door, which we guess he forgot was locked. Anyway, he slammed face first into it, knocking himself to the floor. He then decided to head out the way he came in, through a window. Unfortunately before exiting, he threw the bag containing the booze through the window. The liquor bottles hit the ground and shattered and the magazine and cigarettes were soaked, too. He went home empty handed…and empty headed.