Better Than Any Burglar Alarm

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Barbara Goldstein for sending in today’s report from Springtown, Texas, where our unfortunate bozo picked the wrong house to rob. After breaking in, he was confronted by the homeowner and his son, both pointing weapons at him. Quickly seeing the error of his ways, he took refuge in his pickup truck, which was parked out front. Once inside, he did what any bozo would do in a similar situation. He called 911 for help. And that wasn’t the only call they received. At the same time, the homeowner’s wife called, saying, “You better come quick or my husband’s going to shoot him.” Police arrived before any further violence occurred and our bozo was placed under arrest.


That was a very DUMB idea. Why would anyone break in to a house which is a dumb idea in itself and then when the homeowner points a reapon at you go and hide in your pickup and call 911 for help?