And He Didn’t Even Get To Try Out the New Game

Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File in Birmingham, England, where bozo Clint Barker was on the run from the cops after making a daring escape from prison. His trail had gone cold when cops in Birmingham city center noticed a couple of guys immediately change direction when they saw the police. The cops gave chase and when they caught up with the two, they asked what they were doing out when there were Covid-19 restrictions. That’s when our bozo replied that he just had to get out and pick up the new Call of Duty game. He then kicked the cop in the groin and attempted to flee but was quickly apprehended. Busted and identified as an escaped con. He’s been jailed for 13 months for absconding from prison, and six months consecutively for assaulting the officers – on top of his original sentence, which would have seen him behind bars until 2024.