Bozo + Modern Technology = Fail

  • 1 min read

Bozo criminal for today comes from Bend, Oregon, where there was a robbery at the local bank. Investigating officers were examining the hold-up note when they noticed something interesting. It was written on the back of a grocery receipt, and on that receipt were the last four digits of a food stamp account and the account balance. Officers were able to use that information to obtain a name linked to the account number and an online search of the name led them to a transaction at a local pawn shop, in which our bozo gave his telephone number. The determined cops then got the GPS coordinates of the phone from the local service adviser. DNA evidence collected from our bozo matched that of a stocking cap that was knocked off at the scene. Busted! To his credit, our bozo denies the charges, saying he never saves receipts and that a hitchhiker must have stolen the cap. Right.