This Isn’t What Is Meant By “Carry Out Service”

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Bozo criminal for today comes from Seattle, Washington, where an officer on patrol noticed a strange sight the other night. He observed bozo Charles Haskins pushing a grocery cart full of packaged meat down the sidewalk. Not only was it a really large amount of meat, but it also wasn’t bagged, so the officer naturally was suspicious. Our bozo offered up the excuse that he was taking the meat to a friend’s house, but a quick call to a nearby grocery provided the real story. Employees said our bozo simply filled the cart with meat and walked out without paying. Unfortunately he walked directly into the arms of the law.

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  1. Mark Garstin

    This poor old bozo didn’t even have a chance to be “on the lam(b)”. Nor did the cops have to be on a ‘steak’ out.

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