Sounds Like It’s Time For Her To Consider Salads

  • 1 min read

Our bozo for today from Raleigh, North Carolina, comes from the Good Eats file. It seems our unidentified female bozo had ordered some to-go pulled pork from Clyde Cooper’s Barbeque. After she opened her food she became so upset that she felt the need to call 911. Perhaps a bug in her food? Nope? Maybe evidence of rodent infestation? Nah. Perhaps a piece of metal or something else that wasn’t supposed to be there? No way. She called to complain that some pieces of her pork were pink instead of brown. OK. After discussing the matter with the owners, an officer explained to her that the pink meat was “smoke rings” indicating that the barbeque had been cooked just like it was supposed to be cooked, over a smoky fire. Never mind. Bon appetit.