“I Told You We Should Have Used a 4-Wheel Drive”

  • 1 min read

Bozo criminals for today come from DeLand, Florida, where our bozo team of Sara Lang and Steve Moore had big plans for a neighborhood burglary. They had staked out their target home, and, when no one was home, broke in and stole numerous items, including power tools, extension cords an iPad and women’s clothing. It seemed they had planned everything perfectly. Now, all they had to do was drive away. But that turns out to be the one part of the heist that was not completely thought out. To get out of the neighborhood, a U-turn would be required. Our bozos attempted to make the maneuver and ended up getting their vehicle stuck in a ditch, with one wheel hanging off a driveway. When the cops arrived, our bozos offered up a lame excuse. They told the officer they were driving around the neighborhood to familiarize themselves with the area because they were starting a newspaper route. When they couldn’t explain all the stolen stuff in their car, they were placed under arrest.