ATM? What ATM?

  • 1 min read

The plan: Steal backhoe, use backhoe to steal ATM, load ATM into back of truck, make clean getaway. Good plan, but the plan should have included a tarp to cover the ATM. From Winter Haven, Florida comes the story of bozos Francisco Herrera and Jesus Ramirez who came up with this bright idea. They stole the backhoe from a worksite near the bank and successfully uprooted the ATM and loaded it into the back of their heavy duty pickup. What they didn’t count on was the automatic alarm that went off when the ATM was removed. And they obviously didn’t think about trying to cover it up, either, as they were spotted by the cops a short distance away, with the ATM in plain view in the back of the truck. It was when the cops were questioning them that they came up with the Bozo Excuse of the Week. They told the cops they were out collecting scrap metal and had “no idea” how an ATM ended up in the bed of their truck. Sorry, the cops aren’t buying that one. They’ve been charged with grand theft.