Hands Up! And Drop the Lettuce!

Bozo News Hawk Troy House found today’s story from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where bozo Lindsay Washington was apparently unaware of seldom seen Bozo Rule Number 332928: Use the tongs. An off-duty cop was enjoying the salad bar at the local Mazzio’s Pizza when she noticed our bozo using her bare hands to scoop lettuce onto her plate. The deputy informed restaurant employees who immediately replaced the lettuce. The deputy then observed our bozo return to the salad bar and once again dig into the lettuce with her bare hands. Having seen enough, the deputy cautioned the woman, telling her she should not do that. Apparently that didn’t sit too well with our bozo, who then took a swing at the deputy, knocking her glasses off. Bad idea. She never got to finish her salad. She’s been charged with assault and battery.