And No, They Weren’t In a White Ford Bronco

Bozo criminals for today come from Los Angeles, California, where police were called to a report of a home burglary. Our two bozos fled when they saw the cops approaching, and that’s when things got weird. They first took off down the freeway, before pulling off in the Hollywood area. At one point, they clipped another car and then they had to slow down to avoid people in crosswalks. The chase came to a halt when a TMZ tour bus blocked them in before another car moved and they were able to maneuver around it. During the chase, the passenger waved to other motorists and at one point stood up, danced in the seat and made hand gestures. The car then picked up speed as they headed into a South Los Angeles neighborhood. They did a couple of donuts before stopping where a group of young men were standing in a driveway. The driver got out and sat on the hood. They both took selfies, and exchanged hugs and high fives with the bystanders before finally surrendering to the cops.