She Broke My Prized Spidey!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Madison, Wisconsin, where the cops responded to a 911 call of a man on a rampage with an ax. When police arrived, they found a trail of destruction…a TV and stand, laptop computer and several other items had been chopped up in the house. And then our bozo moved outside, where he took the ax to a car, chopping off both mirrors before finally striking the windshield with such force that the ax became stuck. So just what was going on here? The man who called 911 admitted to doing the damage himself, after flying into a blind rage when his wife damaged some of his prized action figures. Yep, he destroyed his own property all because his wife broke one of his toys. He admitted he might have overreacted and was taken to jail on disorderly conduct and felony damage to property charges.