What is Art?

Today’s story from Detroit, Michigan is one of those “pick ’em” reports where it’s up to you to decide who the real bozo is. It seems one Mr. Sheefy McFly, 29, is a well-known graffiti artist who was commissioned by the city to paint a mural on a viaduct on the city’s northeast side. He was hard at work, spray paint can in hand, when the cops rolled by. He tried to explain the situation to the cops, but when he couldn’t produce his city-issued permit for the job, the cops wouldn’t budge. The situation got worse for Mr. McFly when the cops ran his ID and found there was a warrant out for him on an unpaid parking ticket. Before all was said and done, seven police cars were on the scene and our artist was arrested on suspicion of resisting and obstructing and on a warrant for an old parking ticket. He was held for 24 hours before the situation was sorted out and he was released. He is, however, still scheduled to appear in court to take care of the ticket. No word on the status of the mural.