The Phantom House Flipper Strikes Again

Bozo criminal for today from Salt Lake City, Utah, had his eye on a home he wanted to buy. He made the owner a low-ball offer which was rejected. The next step is to make a counter offer, right? Wrong. The bozo approach is to just simply move in and start doing improvements as if you actually owned the place. And that’s what happened. The cops received a report of a bozo on the premises and told him to leave. But he returned the next day, this time bringing his own tools to do repairs. Again, the cops dispatched him. Ten days later, another report of our bozo on site. This time he had cut down trees and shrubs and had a refrigerator removed from the residence. Enough. He’s busted and charged with burglary and forgery, misdemeanor stalking, theft, criminal mischief and three counts of criminal trespass.