They’re Lucky They Weren’t Charged With Littering, Also

Bozo criminals for today from Clearwater, Florida, had their big heist of the local CVS planned out to the last detail…well, except for one thing. Here’s how it played out. Surveillance camera footage shows one of our bozos casing out the drugstore the day before the robbery. Check. On the big day, our three bozos burst in at 5 am when the store wasn’t busy. Check. They wore blue surgical gloves so as not to leave prints. Check. They waved guns at employees and then bound them with zip ties. Check. They then whipped out white garbage bags and filled them with a massive amount of drugs. More than 10,000 hydrocodone and oxycodone pills, valued at more than $320,000. Check and done! Well, not quite. For reasons known only to the bozo mind, as they sped away, they were taking the pills out of their bottles and tossing the bottles out the car window. Police officers literally followed the trail of empty bottles like bread crumbs and it lead straight to a residence, where they found our bozos, and the thousands of pills, inside. Busted!