You’re a Mean One!

  • 1 min read

Tis the holiday season and as always the Bozos are coming out in force. Today’s story comes from Traverse City, Michigan, where the cops were called to a disturbance at a Christmas party at the Hotel Indigo. Apparently a man in a Grinch costume got into a fight with another partygoer in a reindeer outfit. When the fight spilled out of the bar and into the lobby area, a hotel employee tried to intervene. And that’s when things took a nasty turn. Instead of fighting each other, Mr. Reindeer and Mr. Grinch turned on the poor employee, with Mr. Reindeer shoving him to the ground. The Grinch then pummeled the poor guy, giving him a black eye and breaking his watch. The cops arrived and, after getting things under control, arrested the Grinch and charged him with assault and battery. Mr. Reindeer got a warning to be nice and was not charged.