2 17, 1997

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From Athens, Ohio comes a Bozo story that proves dog may not be man’s best friend–if you’re a Bozo. Shawn Slater, our Bozo criminal took his dog with him as he went downtown to browse thru a record store. The store had a no pets policy, so the Bozo tied him to a parking meter in front of the store. Bozo must have found a lot to look at in the store, because he stayed there long enough that someone became concerned about the dog tied to the parking meter. A neighbor came out to check on the dog and noticed he had a "fanny pack" around his neck. Inside the fanny pack there was no identification, but there were four ounces of marijuana and $720. The police were called and the dog was taken downtown for safe keeping. Our Bozo was arrested for marijuana possession a short time later when he went down to the police station to report his dog had been stolen.