11 19, 1997

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A Bozo News Hawk award for today goes to Miller Duncan who sent us this bozo report via the internet. It seems an ambulance was called to a disturbance at a trailer park in Laurel, Maryland. When emergency personnel arrived, they discovered that a husband and wife had been having a nasty quarrel with the husband suffering a head laceration as a result of being hit over the head with a beer bottle by his wife. The wife wanted him to go to the hospital and even though it was obvious he needed stitches, the husband refused to go. The police explained to the wife that she couldn’t force him to go and that the husband could refuse treatment if he wanted. They told her the only was she could have him sent to the hospital was if he were unconscious. The next thing the police knew, the wife emerged from the kitchen waving a huge iron skillet, threatening to knock him out cold so that the crew could take him to the hospital. The police arrested the bozo wife and her hubby went to the hospital.