11 20, 1997

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ABozo News Hawk award to Ed Pennell who sent us this bozo story via the internet. From Cardiff, South Wales comes the story of bozo Mark Cason who walked into the local post office, flashed a gun-replica cigarette lighter and demanded all the money in the safe. The postmaster produced $15,000, most of it in coins. This was a very large and heavy package, so our bozo asked two children standing in the post office to get the door for him. They obliged, and in the process wrote down the license number of his getaway car. The bozo managed to make it to a nearby hotel, stashing his loot in the hotel’s safe. He checked in under an assumed name and told the receptionist that if the police came by looking for him to tell them he wasn’t there. Police did arrive and arrest the bozo, but not before he had run up a $4000 food and drink tab.