8 12, 1998

  • 1 min read

Our thanks to Bozo News Hawk Tim Joiner who sent us today’s Bozo via the internet. From Chattanooga, Tennessee comes the story of Bozo Jason Emmons who walked into a liquor store with a shotgun and demanded all the money from the cash drawer. After the cashier put the cash in a sack, the bozo saw a bottle of scotch that he wanted on a shelf behind the counter. He told the cashier to put the scotch in the sack as well. But the clerk refused, saying, "I don’t believe you’re over 21. I’ll have to see some ID before I give you the scotch." Like any good Bozo, our crook reached into his pocket and pulled out his drivers license, which he handed to the cashier, who looked it over and handed it and the sack to the bozo. As soon as the bozo was out the door, the cashier called the cops, giving them the name and address that he got off the license. Police were waiting for the bozo when he got home.