8 11, 1998

  • 1 min read

The Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File. From Sao Paulo, Brazil comes the story of Bozo Geraldo Gallo who was arrested for cocaine smuggling. It was our bozo’s method of smuggling that got him into trouble. He was detained at the airport as he tried to leave the country with a suitcase full of 50 pounds of cheap Bolivian Cheese. Customs officials became suspicious when he told them he was going to sell the cheese when he reached his destination. The story didn’t make sense for two reasons: One, the cheese was not refrigerated and would probably go bad before he reached his destination and, two, his destination–Switzerland. Customs officers correctly figured he would have a tough time selling lousy Bolivian cheese in a country known for its great cheeses. They cut open a chunk of the cheese and found the cocaine, resulting in the bozo’s arrest.