5 26, 1999

  • 1 min read

Bozo criminals for today come from West Valley City, Utah, where bozos Jerry Day and Jolene Hathaway knocked at the door of an apartment, forcing their way inside when the occupant answered. Once inside, the bozos flashed a knife and proceeded to tie up their victims. They then ransacked the house, looking for cash, jewelry or anything of value. While they were going through the house, Bozo Jerry asked Bozo Jolene for her phone number. Why he did this we’ll never know. We’ll also never know why she gave the number to him, speaking in a voice loud enough for the victims to hear. After the thieves had gathered up their loot and fled the apartmen, the victims untied themselves and called the cops, giving them the Bozo Jolene’s phone number. Sure enough, it was the right number and our hapless bozos were arrested.