7 9, 1999

  • 1 min read

Bozo criminal for today just couldn’t get anything right. From Salt Lake City, Utah comes the story of bozo Robbie Davis who walked into a convenience store and purchased a soda. When the clerk opened the cash register, our bozo tried to reach in and grab some cash, but the employee slammed the drawer shut before he could grab any. Our bozo then lunged for the register, knocking it to the floor. The bozo again attempted to grab some cash but was stopped this time by a customer. Deciding that things just weren’t working out, our bozo tried to make a run for it. But when he got outside, he discovered that he had lost one of his sandals in the scuffle with the customer. So, he came back into the store, picked up his sandal and then fled on foot, leaving behind his getaway vehicle, a bicycle. Residents who saw the whole thing pointed officers in the right direction, ending with the man’s arrest in the stairwell of a nearby apartment complex.