August 06, 1999

  • 1 min read

You could definitely say our bozo for today was having a bad day. From Anaheim, California comes the story of bozo Myner Miller who broke into a house around 3 AM only to be confronted by the home’s gun-toting owner. Seeing that this was not the place to be, our bozo made a break for it, sprinting across the back yard and stumbling head first into a rather large bed of cactus. Still, our intrepid bozo managed to free himself and make it to the yard’s wrought iron fence, which he jumped over….almost. He wound up impaling himself on the top of the fence but somehow managed to again free himself and limp off into the night. He was arrested when he checked himself into a hospital for treatment of cactus thorns and a puncture wound to the groin. Ouch!