September 15, 1999

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Bozo criminal for today comes from Cleveland, Ohio where Bozo Jesus Ramirez walked into the Firstar Bank carrying two grocery bags, large ones, crammed full of cash, which he says he wants to deposit. The teller tells him that since he has more than $10,000 in cash, the transaction will have to be reported to the IRS. She then gives him the necessary forms, which he fills out and gives back to her. The teller notices something suspicious when she is looking over the forms. On the line asking what he does for a living, the bozo, who had just brought in grocery sacks filled with cash, wrote "unemployed." This sent up a few red flags and when the cops went by his apartment to investigate they found an additional $156,000 in cash, which they allege came from Ramirez’ sale of 22 kilos of cocaine. He’s been arrested.