September 29, 2000

  • 1 min read

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Jeanette Keith for contributing today’s report. From Berwick, Pennsylvania comes the story of bozos Brian Roper and Michael Green who borrowed a car from a friend to use as their getaway vehicle in a planned burglary. Our bozos parked the car near the house, went inside and proceeded to collect a computer, a couple of guns, and some cash, about $2500 worth of stuff total. When they went back outside, our bozos were dismayed to find their car gone. They had parked in a no-parking zone and a neighbor had called and had it towed away. Now, here’s where our already dumb bozos got even stupider. They contacted the man who did the towing and offered to give him a stolen rifle in exchange for their car. And, by the way, our bozos told him, they had access to lots more stolen stuff. The tow truck operator accepted their offer and promptly called the cops, who arrested our bozos.